Feb. 18, 2017

014: The Emperor is Naked! with Special Guest Maria Merrill

014: The Emperor is Naked! with Special Guest Maria Merrill

It had to be done. An all-Trump episode.

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This was a tough one, but had to be done. The great "overshadower" is discussed at length. Many thanks to Maria for being such an awesome guest. She'll be back on to talk about a more fun topic at some point.

7 min: Why NYC is meh.

12 min: The great "overshadower" Donald J Trump.

20 min: Degree of outrage scale.

32 min: Just listen to what Trump says directly. (And is it "butt naked" or "buck naked"?)

42 min: Glenn Beck is sorry. Trump would not be allowed to speak at BYU. 

52 min: It's a Muslim ban no matter the spin. He even said it.

1 hr 5 min: Empathy. 

1 hr 10 min: Insults and snide remarks make it worse (although 2 tiny hands is still funny).

1 hr 22 min: Cautious optimism and what can be done.


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Instead of a charity this week, I highly recommend reading this talk by a general authority of the LDS church called Refuge from the Storm