May 7, 2017

019: Boring and Pretentious with Special Guests Zo and Jon

019: Boring and Pretentious with Special Guests Zo and Jon

This episode is super dull.

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Zo and Jon are back for what is probably the longest and most boring episode you will ever hear. Seriously, feel free to skip this one. Zo was mad about the 80s movie episode and wanted a rebuttal opportunity. He says things like "I'm partial to..." and "it's a derivative work" (ok that may have been me). 

If you really went to know what we talked about, here is a rough run down:

0-5 min Jon complains about the TV display screen

5-10 min Zo says the Beatles suck and are worse than U2 (although it's close)

10-15 min Cars 2 is the worst Pixar movie

15-20 min Netflix rating system

23 min Introductions! Finally. 

30 min Annie Hall. They made me talk about Annie Hall.

From here on it's mostly a review of the same 80s movies as the other episode. Rhett claims the NeverEnding Story is the worst and gets rebuked. At the 2 hour mark, Jon does tell the story of how he pranked Rhett at his wedding.