Dec. 22, 2017

027: A Christmas Vacation with the Last Jedi Phil "the imperial" Walker (and jon)

027: A Christmas Vacation with the Last Jedi Phil

Bitcoin, Christmas Vacation, The Last Jedi

Phil "the imperial" Walker and jon "Oreg Ano" join the podcast for  late night discussion about bitcoin, Christmas Vacation (film), comedy, and The Last Jedi.

0-23 min: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, some Twitter talk

23 min to 1hr 37min: Phil hates th movie Christmas Vacation *gasp*! A really interesting discussion about what makes something funny. Discussion includes:

  • Phil has never seen Fletch
  • Jon has never seen Good Morning Vietnam
  • Is humor cyclical or linear?
  • Comedy might be how it's experienced with friends
  • Christmas Vacation vs A Christmas Story - who is winning?
  • Friends - is the show overrated?
  • Do millenials know what a "re-run" is?
  • Ideas for Netflix - a choose your own adventure tv show

1hr 37 min: The Last Jedi.

  • Where does it rank in the Star Wars movie?
  • Checkhov X-wing
  • This movie will get better over time
  • Out with the old, in with the new
  • Boba and Ackbar are the same
  • Did Chewbacca eat the Porg? (Or how many did he eat?)

Link of the week: Donate blood to the Red Cross