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Informative and Fun

This is a great podcast. Simple format. Excellent guests. A fun conversation to listen to

Can you review your own podcast?

Turns out you can! I give myself a 5 star because... well... ego. Feel free to give it a listen, rate it, send me feedback, or not.

It's surprisng what you can learn!

The best conversations are always casual and unrehersed. That is where you find the genius ideas. Great ideas can come from anywhere. The best podcasts Rhett produces are the episodes with Jon Madsen. These two guys have a style and complentary outlook that is amazing. The only thing that would make this podcast better would be if they put episode specific artwork on each show.

Love this

Whether you know Rhett or not, you'll feel like you're friends after listening.

Let’s Do Ten (PJ)

I like it Rhett. Made me feel like I was sitting down in your living room listening to you and your guests jabber. Only criticism is that it is long. Other than that, it will now be number 4 on my list of what podcast to listen to. Though it might not seem like it, that is high praise.

Rhett is the Seinfeld of podcasting

A podcast about nothing. Brilliant.